Dragon Boat............

Where it all started....

Our Food Journey began with the love for food from all over the world. We decided to bring in a well-known dish that originated in the states, the "Pho-ritto". 

We are the first to introduce it to Calgary streets with our FOOD Truck, which started in March of 2019. We have recreated signature sauce and yet still keep the authentic vietnamese concept with a twist. Which ended up leading us to create more of our own signature items, the “Pad Thai Burrito,” the “Bun ritto” and the Pho Fries. 

March 2020 will be our first anniversary of running our food truck. With great success and support of our city from last year, we are letting the people of our city get familiar with these dishes across the world. We will continue to run our food truck only at events in Calgary, and offer catering services.

As we are preparing to open up our restaurant in the Summer of 2020 @ Sage Hill Quarter Shopping Centre, we will keep you updated.